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Hello folks.

So, this evening. I believe that there is something that I would want to discuss with my audience. This is in relation to how China and the West, tend to deal with Africa, in terms of engagement at the strategic level. It looks like. People are now just Chastising the Chinese. and on the fact that they are burdening developing countries (especially in Africa) with debts.

In terms of this issue that is being referred to as debt diplomacy, or debt trap diplomacy. This is something that has to be looked at Critically, and based on my experience and knowledge. I think the West seems to be missing a key point in terms of why countries are aligning themselves or moving away gradually towards China. I think that is the theme that has to be looked at.

Now, In my opinion I think majority of the time, these things are happening because. Over the years, the West, have always viewed the relationship with Africa as something of a master to slave sort of relationship, whereby everything has to flow from top to bottom in terms of instructions. Yeah, it, there is nothing in terms of a bottom up approach. That is what is peculiar in terms of the difference in relationship China has with the rest of Africa or countries that they are gradually infiltrating, and gaining a foothold. Now, the Chinese go into countries, or give monies to countries without necessarily specifying terms and conditions. They rather avail themselves to listen to the needs, I repeat again do listen to the needs of those countries, and help them to solve those issues as they arise. This approach could be a diversionary tactic or in military terms deceptive to gain a foothold and advance their hegemonic ambition but at least, it is working. On the flip side, the West go in, gives something in the form of aid, and then tell the African countries, what they need to do with those monies, sometimes to the extent of interfering in the governance of the states. Even though both China and the west may seek the same strategic end goals, the two key approaches differ and that has to be looked at carefully. We shouldn't forget Africans are human beings and they are not indifferent to things like the universal convention on human rights. No human being in this world today would want to see itself as being subservient to the other. That is a very very important point to note, because, culturally, Africa has a different set of values and customs, which I believe the West, always forget to appreciate and consider in the relationship or strategic engagement with Africa. This is the sort of things that I am looking and keen to highlight through my company. That is we seek to address the issues of how the West can deal effectively with Africa, in terms of their relationship, being a mutually beneficial one, and not just a one-sided sort of affair. On this note, I think we need to consider going forward, what Africa would require for the betterment of its people. That is what I think is the most important thing to focus on With regards to the West, wanting to assert its influence over the continent in the coming years. And if, you know, being able to also reduce the influence gained by China.

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