Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Strategic Security and Consultancy Services is an independent political risk analysis, security sector reform, security risk assessment, personal and business consultancy providing strategic and realistic solutions to minimise risk for clients and customers irrespective of the market they operate in, geographical location, and complexity of the challenge they face. The company’s diverse services are firmly underpinned by a culturally intrinsic, transparent, and strategic front-end consultancy which offers our clients the advantage of owning the process of our engagement to manage a diverse range of risks and key issues tailored to their need whilst reaching objectives on both domestic and international level regardless of whether we are instructed by a private individual, blue chip organisation, law firm, government agency or international aid agency. We manage our operations from Walsall in the West Midlands, in the second biggest city of Birmingham, United Kingdom and Accra, Ghana and focus intensely on our client’s goals, facilitating the delivery of an unparalleled level of commitment, flexibility and coverage to our local and international clients operating within different time-zones and within high risk and challenging environments.


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